Monday, May 5, 2008

Laundry Again!!

This is the tree in Kathi's yard.. Maybe I should let her post it... We attended the Free Evangelical Church in the YMCA in Labanon.. It is the largest YMCA building in the world.. The YMCA used to be christian.. when it first started. But now it is very secular. The churches are trying to get the christian back in the YMCA... There are thousand of YMCA around the world.. Ate lunch with the other Sower couple at Bob Evans... Beautiful weather... Today we start laundry.. Where have I heard that word before??? Carole


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

This looks like the pink dogwood tree in my yard, only I think some frost got to it this yr. before it fullly blossomed. It is like the picture we have on our blog at the beginning. It is beautiful here too and we spent part of the day outside. Chuck is working on the lawn that needs lime to get rid of the moss and also put some weed be gone on some of the onions. He really likes getting out there, gives his mind a rest from the duties of the church.

Kathi said...

What a beautiful tree! Actually it's all green now. The flowers are gone. Good thing you got a picture when you did.

I forgot to have you guys sign the wall. You'll have to come back for the weekend and sign it!

Didn't Mark make you a sign once that said Laundry 25 cents. and he cut little tiny clothes out of wood with the scroll saw? Maybe you should hang that from your Flag and Last name pole?

Played outside in the mud today. Took tons of pictures. Too lazy to upload.

:) Kathi