Thursday, May 1, 2008

King's Domain Christian Camp..Ohio

We FINALLY made it to our destination for the next month. We had been warned that it was Awful hard to get a big 40 ft. RV in. As we got closer we saw a sign saying NO TRUCKS or TRAILERS!!! So we pulled off the road. A guy mowing came over and said BE CAREFUL.. You can make it!! Just then the state police came by and said NO WAY!! So we had to un- hook the car to be able to turn around... Then the guy that has the camp showed up and said NO PROBLEM.. Then another guy stopped and said .. You aren't going to try to go through.. are you? I'm a truck driver and I tell you... no way!! Finally Tim jumped in the guy's car and went to check it out... So he drove the m.h. REAL slow and I -the car and the camp guy his car.. ALL OUR HAZARDS FLASHING!!!!We made it back in here... kinda nice and secluded.. lots of red bud trees... friendly people.... trails to walk.. hope not a lot of work....A weak phone and internet signal BUT I can get it slowly... So stay tuned for my blogs and hopefully pictures.. This is the home of the Skyline Chili ( Chili over spaghetti ) Tim and our son Mark LOVE it so will check that out... Diesel was 4.09 with our discount so a fill up was EXPENSIVE!! But we stopped at Meijer's ( only have them in Mi. Ohio, Ind. Ky and Wi. ) and they had a REAL good deal on groceries so we spent a lot of time and money there.. The other couple Russel and Carolyn that will join us tomorrow only live 3 miles from here so will probably go home a lot.. for laundry, church , etc. Maybe they will invite us over... Tim is feeling much better as long as he rest and takes meds. Not sure about t.v. reception.. might get a lot of reading done... Carole


freetobeme said...'re getting closer to Michigan! Hope you have a good time there. Keep on blogging!