Friday, August 1, 2008

Summit Grove Camp.. New Freedom, Pa.

We have settled in at our next work project and I think we are going to like it!! There is a lot to see and do when we are not working.. We are in a quaint town of New Freedom and there are flags everywhere!!! There are old houses that line the street but most are well kept .. We are not far from York, Pa.. a famous battle site in the Revolutionary War.. We are 40 miles from Gettysburg and about the same from Hersey Candy!!! Tim picked up a part to fix the car and at present is at their shop working on it.. The other couple have arrived and invited us to their home some week- end in the heart of Amish Lancaster County... Landisvlle, Pa... This is an old camp and there are a lot of old buildings but also some newer ones... Most of the bathrooms need painting.. SOOOOOO.... Also they have ask Tim to repair a roof and paint some windows... On the way here, we stopped to visit some friends.. Sheaffers.. in Harrisburg.. They picked us up at the Wal-Mart lot and took us to their home for delicious roast beef and a visit... Later they took us out for ice cream and back to our m.h. The next morning they picked us up and took us out for breakfast... It is hard to believe that these are friends we met over 40 years ago when we went to the University of New Mexico together.. and have always kept in touch over the years. Kari is home from the hospital but on complete bed rest!!! Please pray for her!!! We get good Internet here so I look forward to a lot of blogs and comments.. Carole


Tabitha Dillehay said...

Glad to hear you guys are settled in. Sounds like my kinda place with all those neat places to visit!


T.Mark.D. said...

Good to hear from you.

It is crazy to be reading a blog and hear that your parents get picked up in a walmart parking lots. The only thing we see like that down here is the divorced parents trading kids for their weekend visit.

Sounds like you will have fun.

No complaints, but when I was in that area this summer (with only a mini van) it was hard to drive. They have very small on ramps, and even their toll road goes down to one lane through the hills of Hershey. How is it with the motorohome and car on behind?

But the factor does give out free candy. And yes, you can ride the tour unlimited times for more candy.

I would suggest against the chocalate covered french fries. Katie is the only one of our family of six that liked them.

Tabitha got a chance to call Kari for a minute, but someone was vivisting her room, so we will be calling her today. We pray things work out to make it easy for her to bed rest at home. I am sure Abby and the rest will help out. Are you planning in change in schedule? When are you headed to the UP again?

Tabitha is off again to her women's retreat, so you know what that means....

Yes, I will be calling soon an often.

Love Mark (lots of people do)

freetobeme - Anita said...

Your life sounds interesting. I haven't been commenting because I thought maybe this was kind of a family thing for you. I felt really bad about you losing all that food at the camper place.