Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today we tried a new church and attended the Missionary Alliance Church but it was not like this church.. It was a beautiful building and very friendly people and pastor... We visited that church because it is close to the house IF we end up getting that house... Today we drove by and took pictures.... We have been enjoying staying in Mark and Tabitha's house for 3 days while they are up in Orlando and Sea World.. They are coming back home tonight. We are staying here for the week as our m.h. is in the repair shop...A week from tomorrow we start our new Sower project at Camp Horizon over at Leesburg ( north of Disney )... This will be our 4th time there s o we really enjoy Kitty, Steve and Ralph ... Carole


Gene and Joyce said...

You've made Joyce happy. She was Missionary Alliance when I met her and "converted" her to FM. We have visited some CMA churches in our wanderings around. They are good people. Just for the record, our temp today was 50* -- sun shining.

Nellie said...

Does this mean if you get the house in Florida, I'll have another place to visit when I come to Florida?--Nellie

carole said...

Nellie.. I never knew that you actually read my blog.. Wow... Yes, you can even come and stay in it when we are not there.... or come and visit us... we will let you know.. Carole