Sunday, November 9, 2008

We spent the week end in Ft. Myers and Cape Coral looking at homes for Sale. There are hundreds of houses but our realtor only showed us 6 .. So far we have choose one to put an offer on . Too early to write much about it as it may be a long time if and when we get it as it is a ' short sale ' and the banks are s-l-o-w------ But IF we do buy that one, it would be a very nice home for us. It has a pool and a hot tub...Mark and Tabitha LOVE it...No.. we are not ' going off the road' or quitting our agenda.. Just slowing down somewhat and enjoying - the Florida life style'!!!!!! We attended the Free Methodist Church in Cape Corral. A lot has changed since we were last there.... music leader, people, etc. Only recognized a few.... Tomorrow starts the 2nd. week of this project. The people are very friendly, the food is delicious!!! the weather is warm and the work is easy ( for me.. harder for Tim ).... pool is GREAT!!!!! The Sower ladies are going out for a lunch on Tuesday to ' The Whole Note '... From the air , this house looks like a whole note in music.. The lady serves lunch from her private home only from 11:30-1:00... Cost $5. for the basic and then $1.00 for each extra: bread, quiche, salad, etc... Different concept.... Have to try it out... Taught the grandkids a new card game.... BOSS.. And I must say they won almost every time!!! So much for that idea... Waiting for comments.. Carole


freetobeme - Anita said...

I'm sure you're waiting for comments from your kids...but I'll add my two cents worth too. Sounds like a nice house, hope you can get it.

Dillehay said...

I am putting in the order for address tomorrow. Haha
I have decided to call this house the Indian Burial Grounds house.
I definetly would pick this house over the "richter" house. :)

Fun card game! I know the girls will be asking to play it this week.

Thanks for coming down to visit. We had a wonderful time.


Kathi said...

I realize the reason for the space *all around the house. the neigbors have installed invisible fencing and let their drooling pooches run freely. Be sure to take a towel outside with you (for drool removal).

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Kathi said...

also, I heard the neighbors have one who snorts loudly every hour on the hour.


Kathi said...

and lastly, you won't want to hurt your neighbors' feelings, so you'll have to invite their pooches over once a month for family pooch night. And pooches love pools......

:) am I grounded yet?

Kathi said...

ok, i just noticed the word verification getting longer and longer with each comment. It thinks I am a fake !

I wonder how many comments this can hold?

Kathi said...

oh, you are in luck! They make doggie life jackets. Don't want any lawsuits,ya know. Next time you go over, you'll have to figure out what colors the poochies like.