Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a Day!!!

Today was fun as the women did not got to work.... Of course we need to work extra tomorrow IF we plan to get the rooms all cleaned by Thursday so they can move in Friday. 40 kids come down from their sister college at Schroon Lake, New York to practice and put on a huge but professional Christmas play... We have seen it 2 other years and it is GREAT!!! The 'Word of Life' invited us to a special breakfast this morning.. to welcome and honor us Sowers... Then when the guys went to work.. we drove into town to shop and have lunch at The Whole Note... Seems like it was started 37 years ago by a music teacher.... They built 2 round rooms for her house when they started out. As they had children, they added more round rooms... with halls connecting them.. Looks like whole musical notes... After 8 children, they built 7 round rooms and porches and a pool.. Then she opened the restaurant... Same menu every Tuesday... same every Wednesday, etc.. Today was French onion soup, broccoli quiche, salad, home made breads, ice teas and homemade pies. Cost $7.00 for as much as you wanted... The grand daughter gave us a special tour of the house... nice but too much clutter for me.. She also did ceramics so the house was filled with them and pictures everywhere... I would not like to live there. I like things very simple.... After, we went shopping and to a Yankee Candle Shop... After work, Tim and I ran into town to McDonald's for today's special.... buy one burger.. get one for one cent... So I ate out all 3 meals today!!! We had our Sower 'group picture ' taken tonight and then all 14 of us played games. This group really likes to socialize.. They have planned another picnic for Saturday and a museum and watch the sunset over Tampa Bay.... I'll probably be too tired tomorrow night to blog but I will try to blog Wordless Wednesday!! Carole


freetobeme - Anita said...

It sounds like you Sowers work hard but you also play hard.

Kathi said...

I thought of something, but it left as quickly as a it came. So by the time this loaded, I could not remember what I was about to say. Mike and I have something, a stomach virus maybe. yuck.

Got an eightletter verification this time.... maybe it remembers me?

check out my Charlie brown tree...
:) Kathi