Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am thankful for the CROSS today!!! Another work week is finished and there were some disagreements in the Thrift Shop working so it will be good to get away from that for the week-end... We plan to leave right after Tim's work today and drive down to Ft Myers ... our daughter Kristy flies home to Michigan, in the morning, after 3 weeks so we will see her to the airport.... My sister Donna and husband plan to come to Fl. next week and spend a month RELAXING in the sun!!!! We have decided NOT to buy the house at this time... Too many RED FLAGS... GOD knows best and we leave it all to HIM..... We were a little disappointed ... as were our children.....We were given LOTS of good breads, cakes and cookies this week... which I do NOT need.... The Thrift Store is very organized and a joy to work at... except the last 2 days it has been VERY COLD!!! The weather is suppose to warm up to the 70's by tomorrow... Guess some of the citrus crop was frozen....Always nice to hear what YOU are doing... As our son Mark always says " Don't count the days... make the days count!!! Carole


freetobeme - Anita said...

Sorry about the house, but you're wise to pay attention to the red flags. Keep warm.

Bill said...

Love your music. How do you do that? We are on our way to AZ. Bill and Carole