Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh Lord, our Lord .. How Majestic is Your name in all of the Earth!!! Today is a lovely day in the Lord!!! The sun is out and it is WARM!!! Probably about 80*..... Sorry to those that live up North.... Only 3 more work days left and then a 10 day " break"... before we start our 61st. project just 5 miles down the road.. at H.E.A.R.T... It is on a college campus where they do missionary training.... We will be parked back off the paved road a mile and then there are villages where the students live to prepare them for jungle and village living.. I'll tell you more about it... sounds like it should be interesting... Only 4 couples next time and we know our group leaders.... Another day of working " on the floor : and helping customers..... Then we had a BIG Surprise Pizza party for the boss's birthday.... delicious cake!!! We are having pizzas tomorrow night for the Sower's birthdays here and 2 more " good bye " parties for us on Thursday... We may meet our son Mark on Wednesday for his birthday celebration at Apple Bee's as he will be in the Orlando lease I won't order Pizza!!!!


freetobeme - Anita said...

That's an awfully lot of partying!!!

Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

That's what I was thinking Anita. Some times too much pizza enhances the breadbasket. :) Love you guys, we are envying your warm weather up here in the North Country. The picture is beautiful of the majestic quality of God.