Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our New Home!!!

The Sower project is over for 10 days and then we start a new one at HEART in Lake Wales.... We had a VERY busy day yesterday as we left and drove down to Ft Myers to buy the house. We really think that we will enjoy it and invite you all to come and visit us here in southern Florida.... It is very livable as is but we want to change some things and add our " touches". It has 3 bedrooms/ 2 baths.. one is a pool bath ( as we have a beautiful pool and spa... ) Then you can come straight into the bath 2 ways so you don't drip water all over the house from the pool... It has a lot of palm trees, flowering bushes and vegetation.... We have met 2 of the neighbors and they were both nice. We still plan to be on the road and enjoying Sowers.... but MAY slow down a bit.... We have already moved a few of our things there but came back home to our m.h. last night so we could finish this project.. The picture yesterday was me holding a box from the Realtor filled with gourmet cookies, coffees, candy, popcorn, etc. It even had potato chips dipped in chocolate!!! YUMMY!!!!!


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

This is gorgeous. And a pool and spa too! Wow! God is so good to you. Hope the utility bills aren't too high. If you get a chance after you get some things to go inside the house, we would like to see pictures of the inside too.

freetobeme - Anita said...

I can just imagine how excited you are. And your own pool...oh, my goodness!

Dillehay said...

I can't wait to take the dead branches off the palm tree on the left side of the house. Fun, fun!

The house is very nice now, but I know when you two are done it will be great!


Dillehay said...

Make that the right side of the house. :)