Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Carole and Tim and Carol and Timm

Today we went to 'The Gathering' with all the staff and volunteers and the GSP students. It was 2 hours of singing and telling stories and worshipping God.. They introduced Tim and I as the leaders of the Sowers and later introduced another couple from Kenya, Africa as Carol and Timm.. They were the leaders of 16 youth they had brought over from Kenya to study their GSP program... ( Global Student Program ) They were all surprised when we stood and then when they stood.. As Timm said " We knew we were not Sowers" and we said " we knew we were not from Kenya." after the service we all got together and people took pictures of the Tim and Caroles. They have alot in common with us... 15 years of marriage and their Anniversary date is one day off from ours .. Dec 18th. She keeps a journal.. they are missionaries to their people in Kenya... We exchanged addresses and emails and she invited us to a special Kenya Tea for later... How NEAT it all turned out.. The work is good... the Sowers are getting a lot done in site of the heat!!! 95* today and close to 100 the rest of the week.!!! I am slowly getting the pattern book organized now that I have pattern paper.... they are lots of patterns for hats they plan to make...We are busy at home sorting thru boxes we have had stored in Michigan for about 10 years at Tim's sister.. THANKS CHRIS !!! finding all kinds of things I had forgot about.. just like Christmas !!! Making plans to unite with Ruth Jackson.. a friend from Ill. ... when she comes to Colorado for a mini vacation... Tonight is game night and Thursday is pot luck.. I did take a picture of an eagle way up in the cliff but I will not send that picture as you would have to have magnifying glass to see it!!!


freetobeme - Anita said...

Very interesting. I love your sunset picture.