Monday, July 13, 2009

English Creme Tea in the Castle

Today 9 of the Sowers went to High Tea... I am the one in the pink !!!
This was the 2nd. course... along with 2 types of Tea.. a special blend they call Castle... made especially for them from England and a Hawaiian tasting tea from Africa.. this was dried tomato and 3 cheese quince and cheese ( yellow wax ) and herb bread..

After they served scones with special cream... that was actually the best thing on the menu..

Our server poured us tea from a ceramic pot...

Here are the 9 Sowers ( 2 did not attend ) in the library... 3 of us are pastor's wives... can you guess??? The 2 in front row on right and me ... Fun... but once is enough !!!


Anonymous said...

hi. sounds fun. Bill and Carole

Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

I love this. Anything Tea time I love. And in a castle. Wow! I love your pretty pink outfit too! What a neat experience. Do you ever read the blog I give a link to, called Coffee, teabooks and me? She is really grand telling about tea time and then processing food and has lots of neat recipes and ways to cut costs on food.

freetobeme - Anita said...

I loved reading about the tea. I am a little surprised that most of the women wore pants to a tea! But I guess in this day and age, anything goes! I would love to have been there.

Sherry said...

Just read all your newest updates. Looks like you are having a great time. Love the scenery. We have a Great God to have created all this just for us. Love the teatime. I'm like Anita...would love to be there too.
Take care and have fun, see you soon.
Its hot here too. Heat index is always in the 100's