Thursday, July 2, 2009

Colorado Springs.... at last!!!!

Happy 4th of July !!!! We have traveled over 1200 miles and have arrived at last to our home for the next 3-4 weeks.. IT IS BEAUTIFUL !!!! We are parked right up against the mts. and are with in walking distance of " Garden of the Gods"...I WILL send pictures later.. only 2 bars of the cell phone but wi fi so can get internet easy and fast... not sure yet about tv... Tim's knee is improving daily but I am not sure how much work he actually can do.. good thing we are the leaders.. 2 Sowers stayed over from last month so they are already here.. others start coming in tomorrow.. We drove right thru Denver during " rush hour ".... Co. Springs is a lovely city... now to find... Wal Mart, churches, restaurants.... we will start work on Monday.. The sites are nice and level and each have rocks and trees and picnic tables... the view out our front window is spectacular!! God is good !!!!


freetobeme - Anita said...

Glad to know you have arrived. I've been to Colorado Springs a couple of times so I know how beautiful it is. You are fortunate to be there for so long! Did you go through Castle Rock on your way? I think you would have. That's where my mom lives and also my brother and his wife, and my niece and her family. Enjoy your time there.

Abby said...

Hi Grandma, it's great to read that you two are doing good in Colorado Springs. I hope you enjoy yourselves and the scenery...while you work...but don't push yourselves too hard! Have a great Independence Day and I'll talk to you soon!

Love, Abby