Sunday, July 26, 2009

Now that the project is over we have lots of free time... The Garage Saleing was fun on Friday and we ate at a 50's diner... On Saturday, after we had washed 2 weeks of laundry.. we drove up beyond Woodland Park " The city in the clouds " to visit with friends we have not seen in 40 years... nice dinner in their LOVELY MT. TOP home and enjoyable visit...Then we had to drive down from the mt. in the dark and rain !!! After church on Sunday, we took the Carol and Timm from Kenya out to lunch.. It was easy to pick a place as they have never been to so many places.... Chi Chi, Wendy's, Captain D's... so we chose Captain D's.... They really enjoyed it !!! Then we took then to Wal Mart and bought them micro wave pop corn ( Tim gave them instructions on how to make it ) and a bag of sweet cherries... never tasted them or blueberries... LOVED them.... After, we brought them to our motor home ( they were fascinated ) and gave them a picture of us 4 and drove them home in a down pour... as they had a meeting.... They left their 10 year old son with staff as they just wanted alone time with us.... They gave us each a keychain from Kenya... It was a fun afternoon...


ruth said...

I enjoyed looking through your Colorado pictures. I'm back home now...after a week at family camp, rained everyday but it was still fun. Good to be home again. Hope you enjoy your time off this week!