Saturday, October 24, 2009

FINALLY fixed the image post and so I send you a picture of one of our bushes.. We have 4 bushes in our yard with red flowers on them..Palm trees and 5 citrus trees that we planted and some other huge trees.. I think we have one of the tallest palm trees in the Cape.... Now that my blogg works again.. I'll be able to post pictures of our handiwork.. painting and wood flooring... not sure how it will show up in a picture...


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

...glad you are back with pictures. Looking forward to more pictures of everything. Just got back from Michigan, and had a grand time with the grandkids and kids. Spent a few days in Pokagon St. park too. It was rainy the whole time, but it is nice inside there. More to follow... Sue

Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Hi Carole,
Just to let you know that from this end, your posts of our entries are not showing up on the blog. Did you get the latest one I made yesterday. It shows on the blog on my end about the pages in time closing. That is about 5 posts ago. Don't know why it is not updating. Anyway hope you can read my latest blog entries, even if it isn't registering. Your bushes are very pretty. You guys sure have done a lot to your home and property since you bought it. Way to go!

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