Monday, August 4, 2008

1 work day down... 11 to go!!!!

It is VERY hot here in Pa. and today we started our work project... The guys are painting and they ask us girls to work in the SNACK SHOP.. Sounds like fun... When we went over to check it out.... dirty and unorganized.. They had just had teen -agers working in it and I think they just dropped everything and shut the door.... We spent 4 hours cleaning it SO far... Brian just gave us our schedule and it is 4 1/2 hours per day instead of our regular 3 hours... Oh Well.... Maybe it will get easier and we won't have many customers!!!! They sell pop, candy and ice cream..... This week they have a large group of Mennonites here... It is different to see ALL the girls and women dressed in long dresses and wearing white or black caps.. ( prayer veils )... I ask about using the pool and Brian said YES but when the Mennonites swim, they don't believe in mixed bathing SO they put black plastic up on the fence all around the pool... Guess I'll wait until later to swim!!! Maybe I'll get some pictures later to blog... Yesterday we attended a Nazarene church where they had a singing group come in.. The Itzels... They were different but Tim still bought 5 of their CD's.. Said the grandkids would like that music.... Went to Cracker Barrel for dinner... We are with- in walking distance from New Freedom and 5 miles from Shrewberry where the Wal Mart is located... At the old movie theater here in town, they sell ice cream in the evenings.... On Wednesday nights... IF you take in your banana.... they make you a huge banana split for 1.99....Seems like we are always finding out " funny " things across the USA... In Mexico, we used to go to a restaurant for tacos.. and you had to bring your own silverware..... Still waiting for our car to be fixed. LIFE is interesting!!!


T.Mark.D. said...

Haven’t you heard of Tabitha’s Bananaless Wednesday?

No Bananas or word on Wednesday.

Are you dipping hard serve ice cream. That can be hard. I loved working in the caboose at Covenant Hills Camp, but then again I was younger, liked the air conditioning, and had free time.

We are getting excited about the trip out east with you guys. We are starting to plan a little more details. Tabitha looked up a ferry over to James Town this morning. It is free, according to the website. So I will have to call and make sure. We would take it north over the James River, at it lands right at Jame’s Town. So we would do that Thursday before getting to your place.

Love you guys,

freetobeme - Anita said...

At Warm Beach Camp in Washington every summer they rent to a group who also doesn't believe in mixed swimming. They put black plastic up all around the pool. It really looks awful. I think it makes folks curious and want to peek in! I wanted to but I never did! It was just across from my parents apartment and really looked awful for them. But it was only for a week or two so they endured it.

Tabitha Dillehay said...

Working the snack bar sounds better than the other jobs to me. I hope you guys aren't too busy.

Have fun.