Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today Naomi and I spent our free time making butterflies out of plastic pop bottles...
I am not a very crafty person so I only made one while she made 3... The other 2 are ones I made about a year ago when a Sower lady showed us how.. The are not finished yet. They are suppose to have antennas and suction cups to hook them to the window.... Today was the last day of work. We were busy in the kitchen and then they ask if we would consider working one more afternoon in the Snack Shop.. very little left to sell but I did dip up a lot of chocolate ice cream cones. Lisa, the camp directors, gave us each a jar of peaches and cherries she just picked and canned.. They have a lot of peaches around this part of Pa. It will be good to have the week-end free and time to do some more sight seeing .... There really is a lot of things to see and do around here. A friend said once..." It must get tiring.. camping and traveling all the time"... but we really do not consider it camping as this is how we live!!! I look at it as, we can visit and see all the things we want to and then we step into our motor home and we are HOME !! Not like a vacation when you have to drive back home.. usually a long ways... Anyway this is gong on our 8th year so we must LOVE it!!! Carole


Gene and Joyce said...

Just read on Sue's blog about your sorrow. We have been traveling and enjoying grandkids so haven't kept up on other blogs -- not even my own very well. Joyce and I send our condolences. These events are heartbreaking for you but even more so because you know your kids are hurting. We give the Lord thanks that your travels went well and trust your kids are also doing well. If you get up around NW Pen. (Meadville area) see if you can find any Mumaus. They will be relatives. We were at Aldersgate for Family Camp and met some Sowers there. God is good, isn't he?

Kami said...

Hello Carol!
How do you make these butterflies? They are so cute. Is it difficult? I'm always on the lookout for crafty things.
Have a great day!
Kami Gimenez

freetobeme - Anita said...

The butterflies are beautiful! I'm not a very crafty person. I think your life style is very interesting. I'm not sure I could do it. But I'm happy for you.

Dillehay said...

I think your lifestyle is awesome! I would like to travel like that someday, but Mark isn't so sure. We'll see!

We were just talking at lunch about my idea to sell everything and travel with the kids for a year. He just laughed. What's up with that?

Can you post the directions on how to make the butterflies? The girls would enjoy it.

See you in a month!