Sunday, August 31, 2008

Double dating with Tom and Carole!!!

Today after church, we went on a double date with our Sower friend Tom and his new lady friend. She is from the Baltimore area and the one he met on eHarmony on the internet... Her name is Carole too and we got along just great.. Tom was real quiet but Carole, Tim and I talked all afternoon...We ended up going up to the proving grounds in Aberdeen..Not my ' cup of tea' but the guys enjoyed it. They also took us to the PX.. Not much different from a Wal Mart and about the same prices.. The picture was taken with our camera placed on a picnic table and the timer set so....... Speaking of picnic tables. That is the guys' job for the next 3 weeks.. repair and stain over 100 picnic tables that are in bad shape... I think it sounds like a fun job and I may even help... I LOVED the Nazarene church we attended as the pastor's wife was from the same denomination as us ( Free Methodist ) and went to the same Manton camp in Michigan and knew a lot of the same people we know.. We've got to get together again and TALK!!!!! Tomorrow starts our first day so..... Carole


freetobeme - Anita said...

Sounds like you had a good time 'double dating' and maybe got them off to a good start! Now, don't work too hard.