Friday, August 29, 2008

Chesapeake Bay work site!!!

Wow!! What a work site!!! We arrived at our new work site yesterday and it looks really neat! It is located on the Chesapeake Bay north of Baltimore... The village of North East is a small New England fishing ( antiques ) town... The campground itself is fabulous... 3 huge swimming pools.. ( 1 indoors )... A grand lodge that accommodates 153 guest.. 2 campgrounds...even a chapel.. I ask to help in the laundry ( folding towels ) or office ( mailing ) but we will see. I am the only Sower woman here as the other Sower Tom does not have a wife... But there are other volunteers here whom I'll work with... Annie, Sue and Lucy... Picked up brochures and there seems to be a lot of to do in the area... Baltimore blue crabs, Civil and Revolutionary War, Baltimore Zoo and Aquarium, light houses, plays, ships and cruises on the Chesapeake Bay, etc... Hope we have enough time!! Guess we plan to work Labor Day as the traffic will probably be REAL heavy if we go anywhere...The weather is starting to get down in the 70's now as a by- product of FAY heading north.. Every one keeps giving us tomatoes. 2 from a church, 2 from Naomi's garden( Sower ) and 2 from Mona's garden( friend from Harrisburg ) so we have had a lot of BLT's lately.. Work does not start until Monday so we have 3 days to check out the camp ground and surrounding towns... Wal-Mart, BK, etc...They provide lunch every day for the staff in a beautiful dining room.. They even made different name badges for us to wear like the staff... Hope to be able to blog a lot more about this place.. Probably one of the nicer places we have worked.. Do they really need us?? Carole


Kari B. said...

I am a little jealous. It sounds like a great place to be and I know that at least Abby and I would enjoy the historical setting and touring. Waiting for school to start on Tuesday here. Kids are anxious. Bekie has two loose teeth now. justing waiting for one of them to fall out. love, kari

freetobeme - Anita said...

Wow, it sounds fascinating! I'm a little jealous too!