Saturday, August 30, 2008

Unimportant information

We are trying to stay put and not go off the grounds as the traffic is SO BUSY this week end in this area.. All the Balties ( Baltimores ) are having their last summer fling... The campground is BUSY too... It is HOT and HUMID so we have spent most of the day staying in the m.h. and a.c. We did go down to lunch in the dining hall and stopped at their THRIFT store... mainly to see if they need any help from me on Tuesday... Just a few things I wanted to tell you.. Gas is $3.34 here now but they expect it to raise because of the Hurricane G..... Our Sower friend Tom is a veteran so he plans to take us to Abedeen proving grounds and the PX... It is where the Army has more military weapons, etc. than anywhere else.. I"m really not into that but Tim may enjoy it.. A neighboring town is Havre de Grace.. It sounds like a neat place to visit and is definitely on " my list "!!There is a light house there and a 100' cliff overlooking the Chesapeake Bay... also a chocolate factory!!!! Tom lost his wife over a year ago .. so he joined eHarmony.. They matched him up with 247 women.. He has narrowed it down to 3.. and one lives in Baltimore.. Her name is Carole and she plans to come see him this week-end and EVERY week-end we are here.. Guess he put down.. NO ONE over 5'5" and 130# so she must be small!!! And he wants us to " double date"...The camp has a lot of different groups coming in next week... father/son and also ' The Red Hat Society'.. They plan a BIG Homeschooling week- end later... We went to the nearest Super Wal Mart yesterday and it is 5 miles from New Jersey.... I forgot to blog that last Wednesday, after the Civil War Museum.. we took a ride on The Pride of Susquehanna... real nice tour of the waterways... That is when we later came home and ate the banana splits at Bonkey's.. ( wordless Wednesday blog )... Not sure about church tomorrow.. A state park around here has another light house to see and at 9:30 they have a church service... Carole


oodrea1221 said...

HI! I'm one of Tab's friend and just checked out your blog, as she listed her linked blogs in order of when they post recently and so I clicked on your blog. I LOVE your "About Me" sweet...I hope I can write that my family is all serving the Lord someday! Take care and keep on trucking! Maybe we'll see you sometime next summer, if you're out west (we're the friends in CO)!

Blessings & Happy Trails!

Dillehay said...

Did the lady show up? I've been thinking about it all day! :)


carole said...

Yes Tab. Carole did show up and she turned out real nice! We got along fine.. She and Tim and I talked all afternoon.. Tom was real quiet... Then they invited us out to supper ... Even plan to eat lunch together tomorrow before she goes back to work. She works right by the Capitol buildig... Mom Andrea.. I remember you. I read your blog too... Thanks for the comment...