Friday, October 3, 2008

Appalachian Bible College... West Virginia

I don't have a picture to post today. We are settled into our next project... have met all the other Sowers... sounds like it will be a good project. We are about 5 miles from Beckley, W. Va. They have a Super Wal Mart, Ryans, Chinese, big movie theatre, Logan's Steak and even a restaurant for Steak Escape.. ( We have only seen them in Malls. ) The next large town is 50 miles... capitol Charleston.... All but 3 of the 9 couples have been here at ABC ( Appalachian Bible College ) a number of times.... The other 2 couples are sisters from Niagara Falls and we have worked with them before... I really like them.. Carol and Selma... There are 3 Carols here and 2 Daves... Guess they want to call me Carol Lee... I was afraid that we might not get cell phone, Internet or t.v. as we are at 3,200' elevation. But we get 3 bars and a few t.v. stations.... Good thing we have some good DVD's... The movie ' Fireproof ' is on at the movie so the Sowers plan to all go together to see it. I read that it is THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!! Hope you get a chance to see it... Let us all know what you thought of it... It has been cool but promises to warm up tomorrow...Love your comments... Carole


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Carole and Time,
We got to go see Fireproof last week here. IT is really good, and good reminder for steps to take to fireproof your marriage. Kurt Cameron does great acting in this one. (as usuall)