Monday, October 20, 2008

Tag Game

It looks like I have been tagged by son Mark... I really wanted to play the game so when I read where Tab tagged Kathi as one of hers., I was going to call Kathi and ask her to tag me.. but in the meantime Mark tagged me. Thanks Mark!

10 years ago I was ....

.1. planning Kathi and Mike's wedding
2. living in Davison, Michigan
3. waiting for Tim to retire from Oxford schools ( His last year )
4. drove 25 miles one way to still attend our church at Pleasant View
5. painting the storage shed and planting mum flowers around the double
wide in the mobile park

5 things on today's' to do list.'...

1. read my Bible.. I am reading in Acts and am really enjoying it.. Wish I
could be as bold as Paul!!!
2. write in my journal. I write EVERY day . I am almost ready to start my
40th journal...
3. sort throught all my clothes and make a bag to donate to charity.. I just
bought 3 new items and need to make room in the closet. One thing
about living in a m.h. You don't collect a lot.
4. return 5 books that I have barrowed from this library before we leave
as I don't want to have to send them back by mail.
5. clean the m.h. for our company that is coming on Thursday as they will
be staying with us for 2 nights....

5 snacks I enjoy...

. diet pepsi.. does drinks count???
2. cashew nuts
3. ice cream!!!!!!
4.coconut haystacks ( candy.. very sweet... )
5. kettle korn

5 places I have lived... ( This is an easy one.. as I have lived in at least 35 places in my 65 years )

1. Mancelona, Michigan
2. Cheboygan
3. Santiago, Dominican Republic
4. Flint
5. Oxford

5 jobs I have had.... LOTS!!!!!

1. teacher
2. pastor's wife
3. foster mother ( 25 kids )
4. owner of motel in Mio
5. waitress

5 people I tag

1. Kari
2. Sue H.
3. Anita A.
4. Ruth J.
5. Gene and Joyce M.


freetobeme - Anita said...

Well, I've been tagged twice now! I'll do my best. Thinking back 10 years ago isn't easy!

amy said...

Thanks for playing along. I love reading your blog. Foster Mother to 25 children? What a wonderful gift.

T.Mark.D. said...

Hey Good Work!

Do you want to redo your top photo of DC? I can help call me on Saturday.


Dillehay said...

I like your new header. Beautiful scene!


Karlie Alisha Nikole Bergman said...

I want you to know that I have made a blog. It is called
please look at it. love, Karlie

Gene and Joyce said...

Love the picture!!! How do I play tag? Do I respond to the headings you responded to? i.e Everybody answers these same questions? Love to.