Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rock Hill, South Caroline

We sure enjoyed our company.. Frank and Peggy.. We laughed so much and were ' rolling on the floor'... We had very COLD weather and they predicted snow!!! We drove back to the Bridge but this time drove across it instead of walking.... Played cards with the Sowers that hadn't left yet... Most of them went back home on Friday but 2 stayed as they are headed toward Memphis on Tuesday for next project. We sold one of our sofa as we plan to buy a swivel chair and build a computer desk in the space... On Thursday, the college put on a real nice luncheon for the Sowers and gave us a $20. certificate to their Book Store... We left W. Va. at 10:00 this morning and traveled south through Va. ( small area ) and North Carolina and have stopped for the night in Rock Hill, South Carolina. It is much warmer here !!!! Plan to be in Ocala, Florida by tomorrow night and on to Ft. Myers on Monday... A few days of vacation with Mark and Tab. before out 58th project begins at 'Word of Life " north of Tampa... I'm sure I'll write about that later...


carole said...

Gene and Joyce... To play tag just answer the same questions as others.. Waiting to read ours!!! Carole

Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Hi Tim and Carole,
We are back from our vacation and it looks like we have been tagged a couple times. Will try to get going on the questions. I'm wondering what happened to everyone's music. Maybe it was a trial period. Hum? I'm not getting it on ours or yours. And there is white background that I didn't put in... hum?