Friday, October 10, 2008

Color leaves... gold domes.. McDonalds

Today Tim and I drove about 50 miles to the capital Charleston, West Virginia to enjoy the color leaves and do some shopping..We bought a new Computer... A lot of mts. and valleys so it really was beautiful.. However, the color is NOT at it's ' peak' though the t.v. advertises it such.. Another week and it will REALLY be great!!!
The dome of the capital of West Virginia is larger than the Nation's Capital's... It is covered with a gold color!!!
Why this picture?? We have been faithfully BOYCOTTING McDonald's for about 6 months because of their association and support of GAYS... A lot of Christians did... Today they called the Boycott off as McDonald's finally realized it wasn't a profitable thing to do. Praise God!!!
This is the color outside our window.... It is so beautiful what God has made!!!


Sherry said...

So Glad to have McDonalds again.
:-) mmmmmmm They finally came to their senses.
The colors are BEAUTIFUL!

Take care,
see you soon,

Dillehay said...

The colors are gorgeous!

I have to admit I had a Big Mac today and only ate half of it. It wasn't as great as I remembered.


freetobeme - Anita said...

Beautiful colors. Tell us about your new computer. Do you hve an air crd so you can be on-line where ever you are?

Dillehay said...


I know what you mean about Mcdonalds! I am so happy to smell the scent of old frenchfries in the carseats.:)


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Hi Carole and Tim,
I did it finally, got music on my blog. I love yours. Talked to Mark on the phone for about a half hr. to get steps. So we are in business now. I love your travels, and it is so pretty there. We are starting to see color here and I love this time of year. It was gorgious today, in the 80's. Keep in touch. Love, Sue