Monday, October 13, 2008

Busy week-end!!!

What a busy week end!!! As I have already written, on Friday Tim and I went to Charleston to see the fall leaves and to buy a Computer. HP 3 BG Memory, 320 hard drive, etc. We have a USB cord from Verizon so we can usually get Internet every where..... Now we have 2 computers... a desk type and a lap top... On Saturday, I attended a Ladies' Retreat here at the college with the other 8 Sower ladies. The speaker was interesting enough and the luncheon was fabulous!!! Then the music was 2 solos.. very professional and a Bell Choir.... On Sunday, we went back to the Freedom Baptist S.School and church and stayed for the Pastor's Appreciation pot luck... Good food !!!! Friendly people !!! After a brief Sunday nap, we had a birthday celebration with ice cream sundaes and played games... Back to work today and enjoying the lovely weather... My right arm hurts from moving such heavy library books .... Now they predict cold and rainy weather for Saturday's Bridge Day!!!! The leaves are really turning... Gas is 3.29@ but heard that it is under $3.00@ in Michigan... Enjoy the comments.. Carole


Kathi said...

Gas is 3.19 here. Vicki told me she got it for 2.89 on saturday!

I updated my blog, check it out and let me know what you think. The family pictures are the ones that the photographer took. Also he ones of Mike and I. I took the ones of the kids. The ones that are on my blog are okay. I saved my very favorites for the Christmas cards :) Hope you like your "sneek peek" :) I guess everyone gets to peek, but I put them on there for you. so, yes there are more pics, but no, you can't see them yet.

:) Kathi

Kari B. said...

Our gas is still $3.35 a gallon. We are happy but wonder why it cost over .25c a gallon to bring it up here.? I know Abby is jealous of all the historical places you are visiting. She asked me Monday, "Where are G & G now?" When I said Virginia she said, "Once again,they are visiting some the greatest historical sites in the U.S. and probably not even taking notes." I assured her you would have taken notes, you have right? :)
Sure miss you and yes, Kathi's blog pictures are great aren't they. -kari