Sunday, October 19, 2008

leaves..library..and .Bridge Day

The fall color is at it's peak now! There are very few reds in this area but mainly browns and gold!!! A camera does not do it justice...
Selma and I working in the library.. Only 4 more days to go.. We may finish 1 of the 3 rooms... I have checked out a lot of books for Tim and me to read these 3 weeks..
On Saturday we went with 2 other couples to the New River Gorge Bridge Day. It was COLD but no rain.. There were thousands of people there. Along the bridge they had vendors selling crafts, giving away Bibles, tracts, Obama junk, water bottles and also selling food... That was quite reasonably priced.. We got a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw ( right on the top of the meat.. that is how they serve hamburgs, hot dogs and BBQ's... in West Virginia)..... This is the river below the Bridge as we looked over. There was only parachuting when we were there... The newspaper said 19 were injured in the jumps.. about 1/2 landed in the water with their parachutes... Some jumped in pairs or 3 or 4 and didn't open their chutes until the last minute!!! CRAZY!!!!
As you can tell I am wearing my winter coat and have 2 pair of pants on to keep warm.. It did warm up a little out on the Bridge in the sun..
My certificate to show that I really did walk the Bridge.. over and back... It was over 3000 feet one way plus back to the shuttle bus... Was build in 1977 and is the highest steel trestle bridge East of the Mississippi.... We really had a fun time on Saturday.. Only 4 more days of work and then we will be saying good bye and traveling south to Florida on Saturday.... sunshine!!!


freetobeme - Anita said...

You do see interesting sights! Your life style is one to envy!

Kathi said...

Leaves, Library and Lizards... ha ha ha. What color was your parachute? What is on your Christmas list this year?

:) Kathi