Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Guess it has been a while since I have blogged... We have been trying to figure out our new computer... and printer.... I did not go to work on Tuesday as my right ankle hurt so I tried to stay on the couch most of the day. We have had lovely weather lately but I am afraid that will soon come to an end tomorrow... In fact for The Bridge Day on Saturday it is suppose to be rainy and only 50*.... Tomorrow after work, the women plan a time out to the Tamarack for dessert and shopping... Have played cards ( SLUFF ) a lot and the guys aways seem to win....I have really enjoyed the blogs lately... A lot of good pictures and writing... The leaves are really beautiful now so went out tonight and took a video of the campus... Sorry that I did not get around to posting a wordless Wednesday...We are still enjoying great meals at the dining hall every night.. and it makes it especially nice not to have to do dishes.... Our country is in a very bad way and we all need to pray and call upon GOD!!!


T.Mark.D. said...


We are trying to do some extra work this week and set appointments nad times next week to get a lot of time in with you guys.

I might have a small list of items around the house I need you and dad to help with me; Gallon of tea, pot roast, shuffeling the deck, a few good videos, ...

Are you going to go house shopping when in town?

We are planning on getting Sarah's room set up for you two. We might get a double or queen in there?

Sarah would love to give up her room and take the sofa bed.

Do you have any plans or places you want to make sure you do while you are here? Are you going to stop by Mary's on the way down, or when you leave, or go up adn back in a day while you are here?

Talk to you soon.