Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tamarack... laundry... library

Another post with no pictures... Sunday was fun as we went to a Baptist church and they were very friendly . We plan to go back there on Sunday and stay for a pot luck for Pastor's Appreciation... Then we ate lunch at a fabulous restaurant Tamarack.. The best of West Virginia!!! It was a very rich version of a Cracker Barrel and 4 X as large.. The food was the only reasonable thing there for sale.... good and large portions.... Monday started work... 2 people were sick with flu and one couple got an emergency call from their kids in S. Caroline ( may have to leave the project ) so we were off to a good ( ? ) start.. We went to check out the library where I will work and they were busy and said No Work today. Take the day off.. Would I complain??? I did get to spent the afternoon doing 2 weeks of laundry and reading a Karen Kingsbury novel...For supper we were invited to eat all suppers with the college students... Wow!! They did not have food like that when I was in college!!!! So guess that will be a challenge every night at supper... Some of the Sowers are planning a 'white water rapids' trip ( on a very slow river ).. We plan games tonight but quitting early enough to watch the Debates! The women have been invited to a ladies' luncheon on Saturday but Tim and had already planned to drive up to the capitol Charleston to shop...Today Edith and I worked in the library dusting and sorting books and videos... We will NEVER get the job done as they have 3 HUGE rooms of books.. Sower friends called and plan to come see us the last day of the project and stay over 2 days...This is a wonderful place to work and be involved a little in the college life... God is good!!


Dillehay said...

This sounds like a busy group compared to last time. I bet you are glad to have other ladies to work with.

Enjoy the beautiful leaves.