Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some of you have asked me what Sowers is and what do we do. S.o.w.e.r.s stand for " Servants on Wheels Ever Ready".. We are a group of about 3000 couples now ( though some have died or retired ... actually only about 800 active ). We Serve and Encourage Christian Ministries to fulfill the Commandments of Jesus Christ... We provide volunteer help to selected non-profit Christian ministries, i.e., " projects " which include churches, schools, missionary retreat centers and training facilities, homes for abused children, and recovery homes for adults. They provide us with full hook up for our RV.. We typically start on the first Monday of the month and work 6 hours/day Monday through Thursday. We are allowed to stay " for free " for the week in between projects to ' sight see' or just rest and relax... The guys usually work on maintenance or new buildings and the women do mailings,tutoring, kitchen help, sewing, painting, sorting, data, cleaning, landscaping, etc... anything you can think of.. we have probably done it. We get a catalog every month and it list all the projects in the USA so we just sign up for where we want to work.. We start every work day with a 1/2 hour Devotion... we have lots of together time, restaurants, games, trips, prayer, church ,etc. All that we accomplish on the project.... the Praise and Honor go to GOD!!! We have been in SOWERS 7 years now and have worked with over 200 couples from all over USA and 18 states plus Mexico ( Even Alaska and Hawaii )...A GREAT way to Serve Our Savior in Retirement.. Carole


Tabitha Dillehay said...

Oh!! That's what you do.

I thought you were on a 7 year sightseeing road trip.

This makes more sense.

(just teasing)

This is the best project ever!

freetobeme said...

We know several folks who are with Sowers. I didn't know you were until I read your blog! My parents lived at Warm Beach senior Community in Washington state for many years. Sowers go there every year and work. It's a wonderful place, it might be a new adventure for you to go west! Warm Beach is right on the Puget Sound!

ruth said...

Sounds exciting...I would like to see my parents do something like that in retirement...when and if they ever retire:).
Ruth J.

ruth said...

I just read through your son Mark's blog...very interesting:). I can remember him as a teenager but it's been awhile since I've seen him...oh how time flies. It's so nice to be able to catch up with people who blog over great distance and time. I didn't leave him a comment...wondered if he would even recognize my name...just wanted to let you know.

freetobeme said...

I just remembered that I have a distant cousin living in Alaska who I think is with Sowers. And I think they go to Texas in winter! I'll have to check on them. Her first name is Helen. Do you know a Helen from Alaska?