Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How to Cook Cactus !!!

Some of you ask about cactus....It is imported from Mexico to Texas about 40,00 #/ day and sold in the larger grocery stores. The average Mexican eats cactus as the average American eats cauliflower.. It is called nopales and the leaves are pads..Using a razor blade remove the needles. Cut into bite size pieces-cover with water-cook until tender ( 45 minutes ) drain and pat dry....
may combine with fried pork chops, scrambled eggs or chicken. Also are cut into slivers and fried like french fries!!!!! Also can use in salad called ensalada de nopaitos .... or can just dice into small pieces, simmer in hot water and butter and salt to taste....Sound good?????? Shall I bring some home???


Tabitha Dillehay said...

Have you tried it? It would be ummm, interesting!

I also noticed there are pinatas hanging in the picture. How cool!

Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Sounds good to me. Anything with butter. Well... almost anything in the vegetable department. The thing we liked in Harligen and surrounding area is these great big potatoes, about the size of cantalopes, and then they would bake up pulled pork or beef and put a little bar-b-q sauce in with it and put that on top of the potatoes, and anything else you want, like cheese, onions, diced green peppers, etc. It was so yummy. Enjoy all these exotic foods you two. Hugs from Husteds

Kathi said...

Ok so you'll be here in a few weeks, can you freeze some and bring it with you so we can try it?
Van still isn't fixed. They took it all apart, changed some stuff, put it back together and it won't go into gear. UGH!!!! I thik Ford really is spelled JUNK! We are going in a few minutes to get yet another part for it, another story all together. Hopefully this will fix it. He and the kids have all next week off for spring break.
:) Kathi