Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day... Today I wore my big Irish necklace and Tim wore his Irish cap and suspenders. He really is Irish....Only 6 out of the 20 dressed in green. Yesterday we attended a big Baptist church to hear a piano concert by a man from India. His father started "India for Christ" and feeds hundred and has an orphanage there. His name is ENOCH FERNANDO from the SaddleBack church. That is where Rick Warren ( Purpose Driven Life ) attends. Enoch was really talented on the piano... Of course afterward, all 20 of us stopped at the DQ.. that seems to be a favorite with SOWERS...Expecting a severe thunderstorm tonight!!!! Carole


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Whew, thats better. That bright green and orange were a little shocking. Ha. Somewhere in my family I have some Irish, but we didn't do anything yesterday. There was a parade we missed and some irish music at a tavern, but we stayed home. Played hand and foot. Do you know how? I think Margaret taught us at camp one yr. The story goes on at church, we are still getting reactionary stuff. Keep Praying. Not so much aiming at us, but decisions of the board.Colder here, snowed a bit more, but melted. Ugh. Spring Oh Spring where art thou.

carole said...


I only added the colors for one day for ST Patrick's.... We even had corn beef and cabbage in the dinning hall last night.. Yes, we play " hand and foot " alot. The Sowers LOVE to play games.We are under a severe thunderstorm watch today.... Only 2 more work days left....Hope you get some warm spring like weather soon. We'll be back in Michigan in May...Carole