Sunday, March 9, 2008


Trying some new things on this blog because my good friend Sue emailed me a LONG email with directons of instructions so I have to experiment. Today we got up REAL early...6:30 ( really 5:30 before time change) and left by 7: drove 30 miles to our friends The James. They live in Hide A Way Lakes in a REAL nice home. Their church stated at 8:00 and the S.S. was HUGE..192 people in it. very good!!! Went out to lunch with them and another couple. Back home to nap and watch DVD 3-10 to so.. Tomorrow starts another work week. Not so cold...59 tonight... Bought 2 skirts and a jumper at Good Will on Saurday.. I practiced the autoharp with a couple here and they want me to play with them Thursday at our area Sower's pot luck.. There will probably be 40 there. I"m not that good.. And I have to sing too...PRAY!!!!Carole


Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Hooray Carole, I was hoping you got my email. Looking better all the time. Keep on refining, you will get what you want. Praying for you as you sing and play the autoharp. The sun is out, had a good wk. end at SA. So far no birds chirping, but it won't be long till spring I think. God bless in all you are doing to help others and enjoying the Good life.God is working here, and helping us to heal slow but sure. It is amazing how He can change hearts and minds who are open to Him doing so.

nlsower said...

T and C thanks for the emails--interesting. We started a new week of work too--rained all day. Good thing we had some inside work. We have to call the James' to arrange to stay before the reunion. Carole will have some new craft stories to tell you at the reunion. Bye nlsower

kari b said...

Hi Mom,
I am on my way to the dentist in a minute... pray for me! I have read all of your blog entries up to date and all Kathi and Tab's. I am interested but busy and wonder if anyone would read a blog if i started one. Talked to Kristy this morning about the kids coming for spring break. She said Larry would have to be dragged here for Easter dinner if... I sure wish they would come. Wish you could come too!? love, Kari