Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Azalea Trail

We toured about 8 miles of beautiful homes and immaculate lawns loaded with Azalea bushes. This was a very typical home. It was so lovely but hard to capture on pictures.
This was a typical home on street after street. It reminded us of an old English town.
There were pretty girls dressed up for photo shoots. They just waved at us and smiled.... Aren't the homes lovely?? There were only a few on each street that were not landscaped such.. Tab and Kathi ... you would have loved all the beautiful back drops for photos.
Most of the yards had Azaleas and shrubs but this home had red tulips everywhere... Next week-end they let you tour some of the homes, have live music and wine but charges $40.00 each.. WOW!!!! Glad we went this week end... So as you can see-- we have no SNOW!!!Carole


Kari B. said...

You have really seen some beautiful scenery lately! We are enjoying the idea of new life but our weather doesn't help set the tone... it snowed all through our breakfast at church this morning and continues to be freezing here. An older widow fell getting into the church this morning and when we pulled in the ambulance was already there. She hurt her knee real bad and will need surgery tomorrow morning. Her name is Betty. Pray for her please. The girls did good this morning and we are waiting for pastors to come for dinner. They were stopping at the hospital to see her first. Remembering fondly the good family times of growing up and celebrating because He Lives! love, kari