Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday March 2

Today was a very busy day as we attended S.S. and church, ate lunch at a Black Christian College Jarvis, went on a tour of the campus, went to the director's house for refreshments and then attended an evening church service here on the campus. Now the tv is full of "tornado watches" so we may not be through for the day yet. The A.L.E.R.T. stands for air land emergency rescue team. The campus used to belong to Herbert W. Armstrong back in the 50's. It is 2200 areas and fabulous buildings and private homes. When Armstrong died, they changed alot of their beliefs and people left and so they went bankrupt. Then they sold it cheap to Hobby Lobby who in turn gave it to ALERT. Armstrong was a cult and had some weird beliefs about God. They even have a golf course and air port on the grounds.They had a school here of 1200 students. When they left, they also left alot of the furniture ( including 7 grand pianos ) beautiful furniture in the houses and a fleet of trucks and equipment. They made their followers give 30% to the work so they had millions of dollars....And it all came crashing down in the end.. But the work here can not maintain all the buildings so alot is just empty and grass growing up...Tomorrow starts our 3 weeks of work so better get to bed if we don't have to run for cover..Love Carole