Friday, March 28, 2008

Sower's Auction!!!

Wow!!! What a fun time!! Tonight was the Auction. We spent way too much money for things we do not need but as I wrote before, it all goes to the ministry... We bought a box of candy bars ( who is going to eat them?? ) scales ( What?? We already have a pair so why do we need 2?? ) 2 nights at a Resort near Orlando ( have to be used in 2008 ) 2 coffee mugs with Sower logos ( I won't even tell you that price ) a white jacket for me with Sower logo on the back... (Where will I wear that? )... But we had a lot of laughs and good clean fun with our Christian friends... Some of you that are retired should seriously think about joining a group like Sowers........... let us know if you would like an application.. There is no number of work projects you have to do.. but the more- the merrier... Tomorrow is our last full day of the Reunion... Pray for Tim as he delivers the morning Devotion... Carole


freetobeme said...

It sounds to me like you're having too much fun! When you go through our town in Michigan this summer stop in! We're only about three or four miles off the x-way.

Tabitha Dillehay said...

If you need someone to help you use the Orlando resort stay just let me know. I have this wonderful family in mind. They have 4 wonderful, mostly well behaved children who just love the Orlando area. Feel free to call me to make arrangements.

What about that one item (can't remember what it is) that gets passed around every year and goes for an extremly high price. I think you guys got it last year...or was that the Florida reunion?


carole said...

HI Tab.. We already were thinking of that wonderful family in Fl. to come stay with us in Orlando for 2 nights.. They do have 4 wonderful children...They take after their grandparents...ha ha... The " item " was an old bike horn that we got last year in Fl. Reunion for 160.00.... gulp!!!!! It only sold for 65.00 .. you only get to keep it a year... and sign your name to it... The Texas Reunion people pass around a teddy bear dressed up in a hat and cowboy gear... You keep a running journal of him as where he has been in the USA and what fun projects he goes on... silly for old retired people to do but we "laugh our heads off"...MOM