Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring is Coming!!!

I am sending this to my family and friends who are longing for warmer weather and spring.... It will be here before you know it and soon you will want the a.c. on...... It is warm here in Texas ... about 75 !!!! Today is our first day of "time off " from the project and we have 4 days before the Sower Reunion begins. Tim is one of the Chaplin so he is involved in having Saturday's Devotion and also a " prayer circle".. We plan to leave the Reunion early after the Sunday morning service and head for our daughter Kathi's in Tennessee. Our next Sower Project is southeast of Nashville at LightHouse.. I think our " sightseeing " trips in Texas are over unless we decide to go down to Nacogdoches .. That is the oldest town in Texas... Enjoy reading all your blogs and reading your comments.. Carole


freetobeme said...

Hi Carole! It was really nice to hear from you! I found your blog, I forget how, but it came up without the correct address! I read Kari's too. It's really fun to keep up with folks we knew years ago and read how God is keeping each of us in His Hand.

Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

What a beautiful picture Carole. Enjoy your reunion and then going on to Tennesee. We actually had 40 degree weather today and lots of sunshine. But there is still snow on the ground and some predicted for tomorrow. I'm dreaming spring, and trying not to complain. Saw a robin in my yard, so that has to mean warmer weather right?

Tabitha Dillehay said...

Hi Mom,

Here is how you change the date.

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There is a time zone drop down menu that will allow to adjust the time.

We had a beautiful day here. The kids played outside and made mud pies. So fun and the clean up is great too! :)


ruth said...

Hi Carole! Found your blog...your pictures are amazing and make me all the more ready for spring to hit in full force here. No snow today so that was good. So what is your next project for the Sowers in Tennessee going to involve?
Thank you for caring about me and my family. Love,
Ruth Jackson

Kathi said...

Can't wait for you guys to get here. The kids are counting the days....

:) Kathi