Thursday, March 20, 2008

Praise The Lord!!!

Maybe you did not hear it on the News but an 11 year old autistic girl was lost in the woods here in Texas not far from here. They had dogs, helicopters, infra red vision, etc out all night... but nothing.... They sent out the Cadets from ALERT . They combed the woods and one of the guys found her. She was o.k. but not aware of her serious condition... Everyone on campus is so thrilled and grateful to God. Today was our last day and we got nice " good bye " gifts... books, carved wooden knick-knack and a scented candle that the head officer here at ALERT makes and sells... Our Easter dinner fell through as the host is very sick. So 9 couples decided to buy a ham and fix our own Easter meal... as probably the restaurants will be crowded... The weather has turned GREAT and it surely looks like the first day of spring. Going out as a group tonight for a Mexican meal....Carole


T.Mark.D. said...

Wow! Cool you be ministering to a camp that places their energy in a good dead like this. Clip the coupons:)
The celebration of the found is a good picture of lost souls. Goose bumps over here too, and I was not even tied in to the situation like you all.
Just think of the party in heaven each time a lost soul comes home. Kill the fat cow, start the BBQ.

kari b said...

hello mom and dad,
comments to Mark-you still can't spell but you make up for it in spirit... you are a sincere joy.
Mom, that is awesome about the 11 yr old girl being found. God really does use you guys and it is obvious especially when reading your blog. i am sending your "birthday" gift to Kathi's house today. having our Sunday dinner here at home with pastor's family. no word from Kristy... she didn't know when the kids spring break was when i called last sunday. -kari

carole said...

Praise be to God!!!
This is my 3rd try to send this comment.. More about the lost girl. They had a hard time finding her because they kept saying " look for her pink shirt" but she took it off. There was a high fence and they by-passed looking over it as they did not think she could get over it. One of the Cadets said " let's just look anyway and he found her in the woods sitting under a tree. There were cliffs and deep ditches to the right but she had walked to the left of the fence. Sure enjoy the comments. Carole