Friday, March 28, 2008

Sower's Reunion


What a fun time we are having! Renewing old friendships and meeting new ones. There are 80 people here at the Reunion and we know 50... We have a lot of activities to choose from and so far we have had Devotions ( Tim leads tomorrow ) prayer circle ( Tim leads one. ) sluff ( a card game that Sowers love and play a lot. We are having a tournament for 3 days.. We are down to 2 teams left and one team is mine and one team is Tim's.. SO tomorrow is the final game.. VERY NERVE RACKING!!!! Either way... one of us wins!!!! This is Sowers 25th Anniversary so big cake and ice cream... Tonight is an Auction.. That is always a lot of fun. First we donate our stuff ( we want to get rid of to make more room in our RV ) then we pay RIDICULOUS prices for something we don't need to bring it back into our RV.. They pay 30-40.00 for a small basket of apples... or 25.00 for a pie.. ALL the money goes back into the ministry...We also attended a session on operating a G.P.S. system.. A map gadget you may have in your car... Tomorrow we are attending a session on Geology ( Tim has always been interested in tracking his IRISH background. ) The weather is good but expect a storm by Sunday so we plan to leave after church service. Tim has been asked to help serve Communion...We came home for a few minutes to take a nap and check email and blogs... This afternoon is a presentation on " Mercy Ship" ministry ( They send huge ships to other parts of the world and give medical treatment to people in 3rd world countries.. The ships are set up like hospitals.. even operating rooms. Some have tons of food to give away to the hungry... That is one of the Sower's project and is in the area.. Hope you are also having a GREAT day... Carole